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Point of Sale

With Mulini's range of point of sale products, we can offer  solutions for advertising your products or promotions, from free standing POS structures to be placed in the shop or in the window, to ceiling tiles and hanging wall posters, the possibilities for POS Stands are endless!

Whether you only need one P.O.S product for a local garage or shop, to 100 for a supermarket or shopping centre we can accommodate your needs. Some of the pictured items below have been specifically manufactured for a promotional campaign for 400 retail shops.

We carry a number of display products in various configurations to provide and fulfil your exact requirements. These Point of Sale products can be made in aluminium, steel, wood, plastic or cardboard.

For more information about our POS offerings, please use the contact page or call us on +44 (0) 1406 371319/372660 - We're always happy to help.

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