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Brighten up your stand

Event visitors are attracted to Booths that are bright - don't let your gorgeous graphics go unnoticed. Choose from a range of Low Voltage Halogen & LED Spotlights, available for pop-up standsaluminium stands and banner stands.

Hire or Purchase a range of low voltage spotlights for your Booth. Delivered to your stand and connected, prior to opening.

And don't forget we can print the graphics for you too - call us for a quote.

Halogen Pop-up Spotlights

halogen spot light

150watt spotlights for our pop-up stands. Available singly or in sets of 2; with, or without carry bags; US or UK plug fittings.

LED Spotlights

LED spotlights

A black bodied, low energy spotlight alternative to halogen, still nice and bright. Carry bags also available.

Halogen Roller Banner Light

Roller Banner Light

Halogen Roller Banner Light is a spotlight designed specially to fit roller banners, such as the Eco Lite.

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